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Ashford is a New Zealand Based, family owned company, established in 1934.  World leader in the manufacture of  quality spinning wheels, weaving looms and textile equipment,  Loved by experienced fiber artists everywhere.

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Baah Yarn is a family owned business based in Las Vegas Nevada that works with a team of 6 people.  They strive to bring happy hand dyed colors to yarn shops all over the world.

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Handmade bags by two sisters in Chicago

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Biscotte Yarns specializes in hand-dyed yarns, particularly in self-striping colourways. Allowing people to discover the beauty of hand-dyed yarn and the pride that comes from knitting or crocheting their own project is what makes it all worthwhile.

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Blue Sky Fibers
Blue Sky Fibers started as a pet project, of sorts. Shortly after graduating college, owner/founder Linda Niemeyer's curious preoccupation with Alpacas led to her buying one. Soon Linda found herself with a lot of yarn on hand. She took it to a nearby yarn store, which was willing to buy and sell it. And the rest, as they say, is history. Today Blue Sky Fibers is known worldwide for its consciously crafted collection of high-quality natural fibers and patterns. One can only imagine how things might have turned out differently had Linda been obsessed with giraffes instead.

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Cascade Yarns
Cascade Yarns is a family-owned company, founded with the desire to provide affordable quality wool yarns. Cascade Yarns continues to search the world for new yarns and add to our ever expanding color lines.

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Emma's Yarn
Emma’s Yarn was started by Emma, a then 15 year-old homeschooled student who was simply completing a math lesson when she fell in love with dyeing yarn. It all started when she dyed a small batch of yarn for fun when learning about ratios in her math class.

With a family of knitters and weavers with entrepreneurial minds and a passion for color, Emma’s Yarn quickly went from a creative school lesson to a family-run, lots of fun dye studio located in Winter Haven, Florida.

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The Fibre Company

The Fibre Co.’s story began in 2003 in an old warehouse on the working waterfront of Portland, Maine, USA with a small spinning mill, lots of raw natural fibre and owner/founder Daphne Marinopoulos’ vision of creating yarns that she couldn’t find on the retail shelves. From these humble beginnings to today’s global brand now based in the United Kingdom, we work with a variety of producers and artisans to continue creating yarns that delight and inspire the enthusiast maker. To hear the story in her own words, watch and listen as Daphne talks about fibres, dyeing and yarn development on some of the most popular video and audio podcasts.

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Malabrigo is a family owned yarn company located in Uruguay and they have developed a line of hand-dyed yarns of incredible softness and wonderful color variations. Their products are made out of the softest fibers available and inspired by nature, as well as landscapes, places, art and day-to-day life.

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Manos del Uruguay
Manos Del Uruguay is a co-operative of over 800 women, producing and supplying hand spun, hand dyed yarns and wools to customers throughout the world. Manos Del Uruguay wools and yarns are made using natural fibres sourced in South America.​

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Sweet Georgia
Hand-dyed colour. It can transport you. Transfix you. Transform you. Since 2005, we've been making exquisite hand-dyed knitting yarns and spinning fibres in passionate, relentless, and unapologetic colours to inspire, educate, and engage our world-wide community of knitters, spinners, weavers, and makers.

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Urth Yarns
Urth Yarns is a family owned yarn company specializing in hand dyed natural yarns. We value the time and emotional investment that go into hand knitting; therefore appreciate your demand for a stimulative feel and yummy colors. Developing and employing innovative dyeing techniques, we aim for a love at first sight or touch, every time.

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