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Variant: Skeiner 2 Lacquered

Price:  $ 245.00 
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Variant: Wooden umbrella swift

Price:  $ 152.00 
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May ship direct from manufacturer
Umbrella swift is an attractive wooden skeiner.  Clamps to table and is easily adjusted to hold a wide range of skeins ready for winding onto shuttles or making into balls. 
Smooth and quick rotation.

The upright swift/skeiner is tensioned and adjustable.  Holds or make skeins from 1-2 m (40-78") suitable for a variety of skein lengths with adjustable lock-in pegs.  Enjoy smooth, effortless winding on nylon bearings.  Holds up to 3 1/4 lbs of yarn. (1.5kg) 

May ship directly from New Zealand