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Coned Cotton
Cotton warp and weft for weaving

Made of the highest quality materials, Ashford weaving looms are the perfect choice for spinning all sorts of fibers.


Reeds and Heddles
A rigid heddle loom has a firm, rigid (to state the obvious!) frame called a rigid heddle reed (sometimes referred to just as the heddle or reed) that has slots and holes through which yarn is threaded to create a warp (think of the warp as the canvas for

Weaving Accessories
Tools to make creating your project even more fun!

Loom stands
Stands for Rigid Heddle and table looms


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Rigid Heddle Warp Pegs-14 pc

Set of 14 Warping Pegs for indirect warping on the Rigid Heddle Loom

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Tapestry Bobbin

Tapestry bobbins for use on all your tapestry loom, rigid heddle looms and weaving frames. Smooth lathed solid wood.

Price     $ 21.50

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Warp Stick ties

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